Wear and Tear on Chanel WOC

I love it when I get video requests! The following was for a wear-and-tear follow-up  on one of my favorite purses, the Chanel wallet on a chain WOC. Watch the video to see the wear and tear on the Chanel WOC which is almost 4 years old. Thanks for watching

Flagged YouTube Content?

My latest YouTube video was flagged as not being suitable for advertising! Seriously. I have never had flagged YouTube content before so a bit of a shocker for me. Why you ask? Honestly, I think its because I used the word addiction, and have a screen shot that includes words

Excited for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna?

I don't typically stan for celebrities nor their pet projects, and until i saw the following clip, I wasn't even checking for the new beauty line Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.  I've never bought her sneakers and own only a few of her songs.  I like her but don't consider myself