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Budgeting for Beauty Product Wishlist

The Fall 2012 make-up collections are starting to do the rounds around the blogosphere and in stores.  There are few things that I cannot wait to try and have come up with quite a sizable wishlist.  If money was no object, I would happily spend close to $400 on make-up and skincare products in the next few weeks.  But… let’s be honest.  It is.

Chanel Haul from January 2012
Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Estee Lauder haul from Spring 2012

How do you afford all the products that you want?
Do you come up with a (small) wishlist and then slowly work your way through it as your budget allows?  Do you spend freely during your stroll at the mall then sweat (or ignore) the bill when it arrives?  Do you buy make-up in binges and then abstain for a period of time afterwards?  Do you think $400 is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on anything, come up with a dupe list for a trip to the drugstore?  Or perhaps you are lucky enough to be able to spend that kind of money without any serious thought. If so, please send your good money vibes my way. 

I try to come up with a plan of attack. If I take the time to come up with a beauty product wishlist, then it means I’m definitely spending money.  So, I plan accordingly and, depending on products, scrimp and save.  Unfortunately, my current wishlist will have to be broken into multiple trips. Mainly for financial reasons, but also because I want to try some samples first.

Here is how I budget for beauty products (and many other high ticket items that I am interested in).  It involves a few steps.
1. Identify what I want.
2. Set a budget and put aside money.
3. If necessary – delay purchases until I have resources.
4. IF at all possible, shop around for better prices – sometimes hard to do since cosmetics have fixed prices.  If I cannot find a cheaper price, I try to purchase products during GWP promotions.
5.  NEVER go into debt for beauty products. NEVER.
6. Final step – Purchase desired items!

Step one, here is the list that I have identified. 
1. Estee Lauder DoubleWear Concealer in Deep ($22)
2. Estee Lauder “Violet Underground” Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette ($48 – and why are these getting pricier with every new collection??)
3. Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Insouciance, Genie, Impertinence & Troublant ($32)
4. Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat Foundation SPF 19 ($55)
5. Neocutis Journee ($120 – recommended by the dermatologist as for those of us starting to notice wrinkles but not quite at the needle stage).

Second step.  I have been waiting for some of these products to come on to the market and have been putting a little cash aside in anticipation.  For example, the Estee Lauder palette will hopefully be in my inventory by this weekend at the latest.  I have a $50 gift card to Nordstrom so that one is easy.  I am also hoping to score the GWP at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on Friday and hoping that they haven’t run out by then as it looks pretty amazing.  I like to maximize what I get.

Step three and five! Oh Chanel…$128 for four lipgloss/lipstick/lipstain thingies!!  I have one of these already, in the colour Fatale.  The formulation is glossy, long-lasting and moisturizing.  In a word – spectacular.  But I could do without the hefty price tag.  Solution to this conundrum, swatch this weekend then purchase one, at the most maybe two.  But not all four – I have more than enough lip products and Troublant wasn’t even on my radar until I saw it here. Dammit.  IF I MUST have all four, which I highly doubt, I will use the 10% code recently sent me to try and save a little bit.  I have come to recognize that delayed gratification is your best friend.

Chanel Rouge Lacquer in Fatale

Speaking of that blog… it’s also the only place I have seen reviews and photos of the new YSL Touche Eclat Foundation SPF 19 in the shades for Women Of Colour.  I am already a HUGE fan of the original YSL Touche Eclat (#6 for me) and have been waiting patiently for the US release of the foundation.  I am hoping to get samples this weekend and will try that out for a few weeks before I make my final decision to purchase.  In the interim I will continue to “shop-my-stash” and continue to use my other fabulous foundations and keep my money in my wallet for a little bit longer.

Step three, four and five. As for the Neocutis – I’m sorely tempted – but that price tag gives me pause.  That and the Peter Thomas Roth 10% Gycolic Acid Serum I purchased two weeks ago.  I am seriously trying to minimize the amount of skincare products I use and will wait until my next dermatologist appt in 3 months before purchasing.  I may also go the route on this one and see if I can find a better price than the dermatologist office.

Step five again. I also have a couple of other products I am interested in – mainly fragrances – but these have yet to move from my “vaguely want” to my “need immediately” list.  There is so much on this “vaguely want” list that purchasing it all in one swoop would lead to a call from my credit card with a fraud alert:(  Even “limited edition” items are often placed on this list….  Sometimes I miss out on products and the lemming fever brought on by reading blogs, but a peaceful nights sleep without fears of beauty debt is the best beauty treatment of all:)

Hope this was helpful. Hopefully I will have a step six/reveal soon.

How do you budget for your beauty products?


AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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