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Chanel Les Beiges No 60 and No 70

Honestly, I think I am a little bit confused as to how to use the new Chanel Les Beiges powders.  Is it a bronzer or a setting powder??  Plus, I think I only want this because of the packaging – shallow, yes, but honest.
LES BEIGES Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF 15 
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I am disappointed that Chanel has chosen to get rid of the Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze powders:( It had just the right amount of shimmer to give my face a really nice glow without looking like a disco ball.  And I love whipping out that compact to check my face… just as much as I would love whipping out the fancy new packaging.  
Only I used the original bronzer quite a bit, and I don’t see myself using this as often.  And $58 seems like quite a bit to pay for a compact mirror.  
Chanel Les Beiges #70 – more suitable for summer tanned days
Chanel Les Beiges #60 – not as red as I thought it would look
For reference, I believe I am close to a MAC NW45 during the summer.
I think if I had not broken my Soleil Tan de Chanel compact (the actual bronzer is still intact and functional) I wouldn’t even consider this a dilemma. Well, except for the fact that I really do like the new beige packaging. TheLuxeBabe over on YouTube sure makes it look sexy, but Radhika at WeekendRamblings wonders if it’s a must-have but admits to continuing to use it.
So yes, confused.  But the good thing is, I believe this is part of the permanent line so absolutely no rush for me to decide whether to buy it or not.  I have my MAC MSF in Medium Dark to keep me busy with a finishing powder in the interim.  And since it’s fall and my skin will soon turn dry and flaky, there really is no rush for a new powder. I do need to stop dilly-dallying and get my hands on the old bronzer so I can have a back-up before they completely disappear off the shelves!!
Don’t hold me to my decision not to purchase though.  I’m a sucker for fancy packaging. Maybe they will make a dual-mirror with this packaging??? (PLEASE Chanel gods!) 
What about you?  Have you picked it up yet?  Be honest, did the lovely new beige packaging have anything to do with your decision to purchase it? Are you in love with it???
Thanks for stopping by, and as always, stay blessed.


AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

2 thoughts on “Chanel Les Beiges No 60 and No 70

  1. I came across your blog post when my girlfriend was telling me about the Chanel Soleil. I just filmed the les beige in 70 for the reason people were telling me they had no clue how to use it lol. Do you still have your Soleil bronzer? Thinking of trying to hunt one down to try. What shade color in the Soleil are ? Thanks!

    1. hi Stephanee, I have the bronzer in Terre Haute. It’s a big compact so I’m pretty sure I will have it for quite some time. Maybe try hunt it down on ebay or some makeup swap. I have to be honest and say that I am totally loving my Chanel Les Beiges in #60. I ended up buying it and now use it almost daily.

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