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Taking it all Off

*All Items purchased with my own cash!

This is my skincare routine at bedtime.  It’s pretty simple and very static; it only changes if I’m trying new products, but I’m mainly loyal to Peter Thomas Roth and Estee Lauder products.  It’s also pretty static because I only change products as I finish an item, I only tend to switch halfway through a bottle if I have a bad reaction or notice that my skin is not benefiting at all.

Chanel Demaquillage Yeux Intense –  A very expensive but really effective eye and lip makeup remover.  I do recommend it, but at the same time, I’m always looking for a cheaper alternative. Will repurchase in the future.
Mario Badescue Glycolic Acid Toner – this has very few ingredients. Just the way I like it.  It is actually my second favourite glycolic toner after the Reviva Labs toner (which is amazing).  You get a better value for the money with this one though, since the bottle is so huge. Possible repurchase in the future.
 Nars Cleansing Oil – I have a love-hate relationship with this one.  I bought it during one of those Nars sales for 50% off.  Which is good as its mainly just mineral oil so I would have so returned it had I paid full-price for it.  Honestly, I can get a tub of mineral oil at CVS for $3.  Anyway, it’s an OK cleanser.  Does not feel greasy at all and it does a decent job of removing foundation.  Will not repurchase at all.  There are definitely much better cleansing oils out there and I’m just trying to finish the bottle.
Clarins – this is just a tad drying for me right now, so I may switch to something else.  It’s usually perfect during the summer when my skin tends to feel a little oilier.  Right now I use as little as I can get away with, and only once a day.

Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10% Hydrating Gel – This is one of my absolute favourite serums.  It helps keep my skin clear and smooth.  I honestly feel like this has helped to keep the hyper-pigmentation to a minimum.  This is my second bottle and a definite repurchase.

The two samples are my La Prairie products -Anti Aging Night Cream and Anti-Aging Longetivity Serum.  So far, I enjoy these products but I’m not sure if I could pony up $455 for the pair.  I have other deluxe samples to try.  We will see.  I do like them though, but so far I haven’t decided if they are any better than really night creams that don’t cost both my legs and arms.
What about you?  I hope you remove all of your make-up at night and take care of your skin.  Skincare is much more important than make-up.
Stay blessed and thank you so much for stopping by!


AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

2 thoughts on “Taking it all Off

  1. Wow you’d think that Nars would choose a more expensive ingredient in their cleanser than mineral oil (?). I imagine its just like removing makeup with baby oil (which I’ve tried with not so good results – pimples anyone?).

    I’m glad you pointed out that skincare is much more important than makeup – it so is. However, I don’t have a ‘official’ skincare routine – bad I know – its something I’m working on. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    1. I don’t mind that they used mineral oil, but I mind that the bottle retails for $40 when the main ingredient is relatively inexpensive. You should definitely get into having a skincare routine, the younger the better. And it can always be as simple as sunscreen in the morning and washing off ALL makeup at bedtime.

      Thanks for stopping!

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