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Dressing Well Everyday.

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I recently came across two blog posts that reminded me of my personal mantra to try to dress well everyday.  I think life coach Stacia Pierce recently had a blog post about how dressing well is a life-changer and the motivational business effects of dressing well.  Nadege has also written many posts about the benefits of being and looking attractive. Both blogs end with tips on how to up your game on dressing well every day.

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I have tried to dress well every day since college… I used to intern at a psychiatric prison/hospital, and some of the guards/workers made fun of how I dressed. There were some basic rules, no skirts and stilettos, no large hoop earrings, no ponytails, basic safety issue type things so I wore pants, kitten heels, button down-shirts, mainly small jewellery, etc.  No purses or personal effects were allowed on campus, it was a prison after all. Apparently, I looked like I was trying too hard, so the guards often made fun of me. Implied very rude things, like I was at the prison looking for a man (huh?).

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But the psychologists I worked with set me straight. They said – look how the prisoner/patients respond to you. Look how the interaction between you (intern/future professional) is so different from their interactions with others…  The prisoner/patients have identified you as someone they treat with respect.  Plus, one of them said, for some of them, I may have been the only professional black woman they had ever seen, who was there to help them.These messages left an impression on me.


But before I even started at this prison/hospital, my mother always said that dressing well was good manners. It is a way of showing the people around you respect. Taking the time to get dressed everyday, brush teeth, wash-up, smell good, everything… tells the people around you that they are worth you getting dressed for.  Plus, looking good on the outside, can make us feel good on the inside.    As a former therapist, we were trained to tell our depressed patients that they shouldn’t wait to feel better to do something, that sometimes, forcing yourself to do something as simple as getting out of the bed and getting dressed will help you feel better.  It’s a bonus if people respond favourably, it should not be the goal, focusing on oneself was the goal.

So there, just me rambling on about the benefits of getting dressed daily.  Now that I work from home 80% of the time, I hope I can follow through on this mantra.  Please note that to me, dressing well isn’t about buying expensive clothes, I rarely spend more than $50 on an item of clothing, but about making the effort to be presentable. What do you do to feel good about yourself daily.  Meditate, wear make-up, exercise, eat right…. put real trousers (pants) on?

Thanks for stopping by and stay blessed.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

15 thoughts on “Dressing Well Everyday.

  1. Thank you for commenting at So What to Twenty! Your mother is a very wise woman. I also view presenting myself well as a form of respect for myself, as well as for others. However, foremost, it is for me. I view fashion as an extension of my overall style. If more people put this importance on fashion, then perhaps the world of fashion wouldn’t catch such a bad wrap.

    Have a great week!

  2. I think you’re wise to dress well, and the benefits are more than just a good feeling inside. People respond to us differently. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, and have a wonderful week.

  3. When I feel depressed or sad, the first signal is that I’m not interested in dressing well, wearing heels and so on.
    I think that we very communicate through our clothes and make-up.
    Years ago, I’ve been discriminated because I used to go to work well dressed, with high heels and always wearing make-up. I was doing my job well, always on time but my superiors looked askance at me. A friend of mine (and colleague) told me “you’re too neat for this job, they expect you to dress the same way, don’t draw the attention, don’t care about make-up and if you’re shabby is even better”.
    Every time I went to work somebody told “Oh you’re wearing earrings/Oh you dolled up/Oh you’re dressed different from this morning”. It was very frustrating.
    I think that dressing well is a right! Roberta di Camerino, bag designer, used to say that you should always dress like you’re having an important date and I think it’s true.

    1. Oh sweetie, what a horrible experience. Thanks so much for sharing. Can you believe it was the movie Legally Blonde that made me stick to my guns. Besides, the judgements people make about us, speak more about those people than they do about us. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Excellent post, beginning to end. You certainly live up to your own advice, too. Pretty professionally and for play time. Your understanding of the “presentation of self” is spot on, both in the contexts you mention and just as everyday advice. Hard to control how others perceive us, but we do have some control if we understand the language of dress! My huz did an internship (sociology and psych) decades ago at a psychiatric hospital… he’s had a similar experience (not the sexist guards, of course … no whistles directed at him!) with patients. It can be a fine line, can’t it?
    So happy to meet you, and I really enjoyed your thoughtful perspectives.

  5. I take the time to pick out something to wear that will make me feel and look put together. People will always find something to talk about so I say just do what feels right to you.

    1. oh I hear you, or those mornings when I’ve had a sleepless night and end up taking my daughter to school with one eye open. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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