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2015 – Align Yourself with Excellence

This post is going to be a bit more of a rant than usual.

I was at the gym this morning, minding my own business waiting for my kickboxing class to start when I overheard an interesting conversation.  Two women and a man talking a lot of rubbish about someone in the class.

black girls fit workout
Black Women Work out

For background purposes, the man was chubby, did not look healthy at all.  The two women were in ok shape, but like most of us, still needed to do a lot of work before one would say that they looked “good”.  The woman they were talking rubbish about – let’s just say that she had the kind of body that most people love to hate.

photo 3-7
Wanna-be Gym Rat

She was lean and tall, super-fit, but not in an obnoxious gym-rat/muscular kind of way.  She could have used a little bit more tits-and-arse, but other than that – she was perfection. Literally.  And from the minute I could make out the conversation happening 2 feet away from me, I knew that they were talking about HER, she stands out that much.  Here is what I can remember of their conversation.

“She takes it way too seriously”.

“She really goes at it and does all the moves.”

“I see her in the neighborhood and she’s just as serious”

“She doesn’t even break a sweat.”

“She always looks perfect, like she’s not even working at it.”

“But she is, she doesn’t smile, she’s horrible.”

“She thinks she’s so good.”

I couldn’t help but listen.  It was fascinating.  Here were three people, who obviously needed to be in the class, talking rubbish about someone who could lead the class.  The instructor even asked us to follow the “perfect” woman to get the steps.  I’ve seen this lady before in the class.  And she totally rocks it.  She’s totally into it.  She’s there to bust her ass.

I’m pretty sure she over heard bits and pieces of the preceding conversation.  As I moved away from the blob and his friends towards her, I was super-tempted to say two things:

1. Would her dropping her standard of excellence make you feel better about yourself?

2. Who are you to make her want to drop her standards, why should YOUR opinion impact HER excellence.

(Oh, and I also wanted to tell them to shut the fuck up).

But, being as I am a LADY, I ignored them.  I made the decision to align myself with excellence – a goal for 2015.  I was going to do everything she did, just as well, or die trying.  So, that kind of worked for like the first 40mins then … I thought I was going to die!  She was on it.  And they were right, she was flushed yes, but she was NOT sweating. Perfection.

As a result, I think I got a bloody good work-out this morning.  The blob and his friends fought to keep up, and stood in puddles of their own sweat. Instead of being inspired by her, instead of working harder, they appeared to choose to do less and judge her for doing the most.  No bueno.

black girls killing it
But where are my ABS???

I could have joined in their bashing.  Like I said, I totally understand why this lady inspires awe and ridicule.  But I chose to use her for inspiration.  Instead of thinking – who does she think she is? I thought, fuck yeah, I want to look just like her (only with more tits-and-arse).  It all comes down to perception and choices.

Do you see excellence and hate it because it makes you realize just how you are lacking.  Or do you see excellence and think – maybe if I do what she does I’ll also improve?

Choose wisely ladies.

By the way, there were many other people working their butts off during the class, and something amazing happened at the end.  The instructor added an extra 10mins of abs.  Every person who I had observed working really hard during the class stayed for this session.  These tended to be the folks with the best physiques.  The blob and his friends left. “Nuff said.

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay Blessed. For those who celebrate, I hope you had an amazing Christmas.

*Check out the ladies on Visible Monday – it’s Goddess time!


AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

18 thoughts on “2015 – Align Yourself with Excellence

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I think the thing that was bugging me about the situation is that quite frankly, they can have it. For the most part, we can all have really good bodies, if we work for it.

  1. Confronting these three would have only drawn their defensive anger.
    You did the appropriate thing, and you got the benefit of your own inspired response. (Looking good, by the way, kiddo.)
    It might happen that they’ll get with the program after venting all that frustration.
    Happy New Year, Neo. I’ll try to remember to choose aspiration and “align with excellence” this year. What a nice year-end gift … thank you!

    1. Thanks as always for your encouraging words Jan! Yeah, I thought it was best not to confront them, plus I will probably have earned their ire too next week coz I was on it! LOl!

  2. Ah, humans…we are a funny bunch, aren’t we? It seems some of us choose to put down others rather than elevate themselves! You made the wise choice, but you already know that…your abs are probably reminding you of that choice too, :).

    Happy New Year…hopes it happy…it’s surely going to be healthy! 🙂

    PS Love, love your grey and pink workout gear! Totally motivating!

    1. thanks for stopping by! I had a pink shirt on, I wouldn’t dare to workout with my belly hanging out! I’ve got to keep at this whole “Abs” thing!

  3. Very great post Neo and thanks so much for sharing. I love excellence and perfection and love to surround myself with people who have similar aspiration as me. Those gossipy people who complain about others never get to achieve much and it all played out in your gym class. The whole scenario as you described it was like a mini movie.

    I wish you a happy, stylish and blessed 2015.
    Forgive my rant but you look super fabulous in your gym outfit and your body is slamming!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Indeed the scenario really was like a movie! I’ve been making a real conscious effort to keep gymming, I’ll be 38 soon and I find that the more I work out the better I feel.

  4. Let me echo the other commenters by starting off by saying you look fabulous! With regards to the conversation you overheard at the risk of being “basic” I say, “haters gonna hate.” There is nothing you or anybody could have said to change their mindset because that’s what it is a mindset of pettiness and mediocrity. Keep striving for excellence!

  5. When will these bitter gossipers learn – what goes around comes around. Anyway, what you have described is a really sad situation that shows an inherent lack of maturity and self esteem on the gossipers part. I wouldn’t have said anything either but, might have complimented the lady about her performance and asked for some tips.

    … On a different note …

    I’ve just read your reply in the comments – hold up – you’re going to be 38! 0_0 – you’re looking well for your age. Keep doing what your doing! 🙂

    1. I never know if i should take the “looking well for your age” comment as a compliment or not! lol! I think I’m doing pretty good so thanks for the encouagement. Thanks for stopping by lady!

      1. Lol, I meant it in a ‘if you said your were in your early/mid 20s’ I’d believe you way – don’t get me wrong looking ones age or older doesn’t detract from anyone’s beauty (e.g Angela Bassett, Meryl Streep, Sade, Cindy Joseph, Mary J Blige, Vanessa Williams etc.) – I just was surprised that’s all 🙂

        Just thought I’d clear up any confusion .. saying that though – people usually think I’m older than my older sister – I don’t take it as a compliment but, I’m learning to live with it lol 🙂

        1. All those women you mentioned are my heros! Lol, I was just/kinda kidding about the age thing. It’s something I’m still trying to wrap my head around. I’ve always been toLd I look older than 2 of my older sisters!!!!

  6. “The blob and his friends” #dead! But you’re so right, the amount of energy you take hating on someone else leave you nowhere. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

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