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Prepping for 2015 – Seven beauty sins of 2014

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Seven Beauty Sins
seven deadly beauty sins
I need to exfoliate more and try less samples

As I get ready to focus on my beauty goals for 2015 – yes I know, shallow, but it is what it is – I thought it best to identify my 7 deadly beauty sins in an effort to wash them away and start anew this year.

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1. Sleeping with Make-up on – I cringe just typing that. Honestly, I deserve to be shot over this one, I know better.  I can do better.  Tomorrow.  And just to be sure I’ve repurchased my favourite make-up remover from Chanel.

2. Not Drinking enough Water – I could be blamed, especially on the weekend, for believing too much in the story of Jesus turning water into wine (and forever making wine as good as water), I am that bad at staying hydrated.  And I like water, I really do, as far as I’m concerned it’s the cure for everything, especially hangovers.  I must do better now.

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Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

3. Washing my make-up brushes… rarely – see those pics of me with clean brushes on instagram.  You didn’t see them!  Yep.  Moving on.  My resolution here is to give the task over to my 5 year old, she’s very industrious with these types of tasks, win-win situation!

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4. Not exfoliating my skin on a regular basis – It’s so easy to see the benefits of exfoliation on my skin, but do I exfoliate as often as I should? NO.  It’s really a matter of logistics, exfoliation tools never seem to be around when I think of it.  I’m in the process of having our bathrooms redone.  I promise to commit to better product placement as soon as this is done.

5. Squeezing the whiteheads on my nose and marveling at the gunk that comes out – I’ve still to figure out the fascination with this one.  But ooh, no matter what I do to “clean” said pores on my nose, once or twice a week I get the little white bumps on my nose and boy am I thrilled to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.  It’s disgusting, and yet I’m mesmerized.  Quite frankly I don’t know if this is one I can stop, the satisfaction is enormous.  However, I will commit to using tissue to squeeze for hygiene sake.

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Beauty samples from Sephora and Neiman Marcus

6. Trying out too many different samples – I swear, I rip through samples of skincare products as a kindergartener ripping through Halloween candy.  I always wish/pray that the next two-bit sample is exactly what my skin is looking for.  I go through so many samples that half the time I couldn’t even tell you which ones are actually working, and thus i never actually buy a full-size product based on a sample.  Well, very rarely.  Instead I stick to the same products year in and out.


7. Not blogging enough! I apologize for being MIA with the posts, it’s been a very hectic past few months at work and I’m afraid I’ve let the blog suffer. I promise to do better this year.

There you have it.  What are your deadly beauty sins? Will you keep squeezing, I mean keep at them, or have you made the resolution that you wont carry this bad behaviour through into 2015?



AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

7 thoughts on “Prepping for 2015 – Seven beauty sins of 2014

  1. I’m so guilty of number one (and a few others). Sometimes I’m just too tired (ok lazy) and its cold and all I want to do is *snores*. Its really bad though because I wake up with puffy eyes and I can see it does me no good. I’ve been pretty good recently though .. because I haven’t been wearing makeup as much. Just letting you know that you’re not alone.

    Umm I’m adamant about eradicating such bad habits too (sleeping with makeup, not washing brushes). One of my greatest bad habits is staying up way too late and I really need that ‘beauty sleep’ seriously lol. It is getting better though 🙂

  2. Great post, my deadly sin has to be not blogging enough. I just can’t makeup the time. I have so many pictures but the time to sit down and make a blog post is scarce but I’m going to try my best to put more posts

    Another one has to be not wearing eyeshadow. I barely wore eyeshadow last year, I just do full face and a bold lip and off I go! I need to make use of my eye shadows

    Third one I need to get some beauty sleep , I sleep 4-5 hours and in turn I get bad migraines. I really need that sleep lol

    1. oh my gosh! All your deadly sins were high on my list too! What’s the point of buying all these palettes if we never use them?? And why, all of a sudden does blogging seem so difficult??? Go get some sleep lady, thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh no, I can’t believe that you don’t remove make-up before going to bed!! I know, it’s annoying, most of all if you come back home very late, but I once read that skin ages of thre months every time we don’t remove make-up, which is really scary!
    I have so many samples that I put them all in a bag and promised to my self that I would have checked them all… not done yet!
    I’m guilty of n. 4, I don’t exfoliate enough, while I should do at least one a week (not only my face, but my body, too).

  4. I guess a lot of us are guilty of #1 already…:-). I have been trying for a long time to keep up with taking off makeup before bedtime although I don’t really use much make-up.

    So, one of my goals in the new year is to take my make-up skills up a notch and also rehydrate more.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Im with you on the re-hydration goal. More and more water please. I keep saying I will take a make-up class too, but so far nothing. We need to get on this Beauty, we really do!

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