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Style Dilemma

I wish I could hurry up and find my style.  Right now I feel like I’m just an overdressed person, but without a particular style.  I feel I have no real aesthete, no one thing that defines my look.  I tend to look “professional” even when I’m not trying to.  It’s boring.  I need ideas to define my look and make it easier to get dressed in the mornings.

I’ve been clearing out my closet, getting rid of the clothes that I feel are not getting me to my desired look.  If I could I would look like this all day every day.

Classic Audrey Hepburn

I love how elegant and polished Audrey Hepburn looks. And of course the ever super-glam and well pulled together Victoria Beckham is another huge inspiration.  But I find it hard to find outfits that give that same feeling.  I must be shopping in the wrong places!  Any tips would be much appreciated.

menswear done right by Victoria Beckham

Image result for victoria beckham style

Although I am no where near as skinny as either woman, I think I may have a similar body style in that I have the small waist and good legs.  What I think they capitalize on is emphasizing these same traits.  I sometimes I think I could even go full fifties/sixties retro glam with the small waists and pouffy skirts.  But since I have nice ta-tas, I think the look could go super-sexy super quickly so I’m a bit wary.

The other thing they do well is wear understated accessories.  VB always has the best shoes and bags and Audrey is the queen of classic jewelery.  I’ve tried the whole chunky jewelery thing, and sometimes it looks extremely costumey on me.  I love the look on others, but I tend to stick to studs/hoops/simple chains and pearls.

Alexander McQueen
Wearing McQueen Scarf, black blazer, sweater and pants

I also love the fabulous style of Natasha over at, that lady always looks well put together and dresses very well for her figure.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my random rant!  Don’t forget to check out the lovely ladies at Visible Mondays!



AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

9 thoughts on “Style Dilemma

  1. Don’t stress over your journey – you already have great style! It’s fun to switch things up too, of course, and get inspired. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  2. I feel similarly and have been trying to really think about items before I make a purchase. I still remember you telling me waay back that you won’t buy something unless you can think of a couple outfits in which you would incorporate the item. I still think back to that comment!

    1. I still think about that too! but i’ve probably thrown out half of my closet so there is less and less for me to match my clothes with. I just want to empty the whole thing and start from scratch!

  3. I love VB’s style. Always classy, always tasteful and super chic looking! But I don’t think finding your own style is about copying someone else’s. Getting inspired by it, sure, but in the end you need to do something that’s you. Just you.

    1. Great point! I don’t think I would copy their styles, but more like you said, INSPIRED by it. I want to look chic/elegant/pulled together/sexy, in the same manner. Just visually, that is what I aspire too.

  4. I suffer from the same dilemma but a bit different. My sister has always told me that I either dress like a teacher (not in a positive way) or a hobo and even when wearing jeans and trainers I get asked by people on the street if I am a nurse. How does a nurse look? Well in my imagination – clinical (?). This post surprised me because I thought you were set in a style – actually I was hoping to gain tips. I’ve been meaning to define my style for a long time so I’ll eagerly await update posts 🙂

    Thanks for making me feel like I’m not alone in searching for a signature look

    1. your comment made me giggle, besides scrubs what does a nurse look like?? I think my style is just scruffy while i want to look pulled together and classy/elegant, whether its the work week or the weekend. Lets go on this journey together!

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