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Today is National Lipstick Day

But really, isn’t every day a lipstick day?  I truly don’t understand women who don’t wear lipstick/lipgloss.  A little splash of colour to brighten up your face never hurt anyone.

Guerlain Dior Tom Ford Milani Nyx Too Faced
High-end and Drugstore Lippie Heaven

However, as much as I love and hoard my lippies, current inventory says I’m in the 60+ range (true number unknown for sanity reasons), the truth is: I probably use less than 10% of them.  And then I have another 20% that have never been used.  In fact, I can safely say that the more expensive and/or “Limited Edition”, the less likely I am to have used it.

What a shame.  So, in honour of National Lipstick Day, I’m vowing to change that!  I’m going on a lippie ban until Christmas and shopping my stash!  Good thing my stash has as many reds, nudes and vamps as a girl can need.  I may even have a fuchsia or two in there, although never my first, or second choice.  But really, I always proclaim to NOT be a make-up collector and to be user of the products… yet my own stash is silently mocking me. By the end of the year, every lipstick will be mashed and used goddamit!

So yes, no new lippies, with the exception of lipbalms as one always needs those, and I am down to less than 3.  (First world problems).  I will also give myself one pass in October for my hubby’s birthday.  He hates lipstick, therefore it seems appropriate that I should be able to purchase one then.  Right?  I’m already dreaming off all the money I will save….

Is this a new project-use-it-up?  Perhaps.

Here’s what unused, and never touched.

dior tom ford mac LE limited edition hourglass
High End Lipsticks and Glosses that are totally unused!

Here’s what sometimes used. Basically, all of these have been used at least once.


Here’s what lives in my makeup bag – these are pretty much the only ones I use daily.

NYX butterglosses
Nyx, L’Oreal, Hourglass Icon and YSL lippies

And here’s as much of the total as I could find.  Of course I found one the minute I was done taking all the pics.  Then I found 3-4 in my “toss” pile.  They were just old and gross looking.

pretty girls wear makeup
All the pretty lipsticks and glosses!

And to end it all, I’m missing two – my holy grail Guerlain lippie (the back-up is pictured above in the never used category), and a MAC Alluring Aquatics lipstick.  Another excellent nude shade.  You know, I’m not surprised by the number of reds I have, I’m total red lippie whore; but I have so many nudes!  WTF did they come from?  WHERE?  Check out my previous lippie inventory here.  Looks like I’ve doubled in number, and it’s good to see that many of the ones I have now are brand new.

Well, happy national lipstick day.  Slap some on, its cheaper than many other vices out there.  Thanks for stopping!



AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

6 thoughts on “Today is National Lipstick Day

    1. I didn’t know either till my IG timeline was flooded! But I believe yesterday was also national pizza day so who knows. well why not join me in my challenge to try to get out off your lippie box and use something that you already have!

  1. Everyday is National Lipstick day in my hoard haha – I totally understand the horror of finding out that you own more products than you thought – especially when it goes into tripple figures … I think I will be joining you on this lipstick no-buy as I literally have all the shades, textures and finishes I ever will need (let alone fully use) and I really need to start actively using them up and not saving them for special occasions. I know how you feel about the wasteful part but, it is what it is 🙂

    1. I think the problem comes in waiting to use them for special occassions, is that those are few and far between. So why not make every day special by wearing our amazing lippies?! Let’s use them up and enjoy them now – before they go bad.

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