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July & August Beauty Budget

Yes, I totally skipped doing a budget analysis in July.  ugh… the blogging struggle is real sometimes.  July was a month where I spent not so much on the beauty budget but August turned out to be deadly.  If you want more constant updates then please check out my instagram!

Tatcha, Chanel, Hourglass and Lorac
Beauty Purchases! Tatcha, Chanel, Hourglass and Lorac


Tatcha Ritual Discovery Skincare Set ($59) – this was a little bit discounted, regularly $99, so it seemed like a good time to grab a set.  The travel sizes are generous and should last about a month, will allow me some time to really try this out.


Japonesque brush cleanser ($17 – down from $20) – I had an Ulta coupon, I don’t buy anything over $10 at Ulta without a coupon.  I like that stores promote use of coupons, but then again, I probably shop more often because of the coupon.

Reviva Labs Sun Protective Moisturizer ($9) – on sale at Sprouts.  This is probably my 5th jar.  I’m obsessed with sun protection during the day, I leave exfoliation and treatments/serums for my night time routine.

MAC Giambattista Valli Lipstick ($18) – was so disappointed not to have grabbed more but totally happy with this purchase!

Chanel Les Volumes Mascara – $32 – my holy grail.  Purchased all the time and yes, totally worth the money!

Total Monthly spent for July – $117.

You have to admit, that’s pretty good if I’m trying to stay around $100.  Still not that great, but I apparently went off the deep end in August.


Chanel Alezane Blush and Rouge Coco Shine Lippie in Melancolie – ($43 and $36).  This is such a light bronzey blush colour, perfection.  Will have a full review of both items soon.  Even considering purchasing the New Moon cream eye shadow.


Hourglass Icon Lip – ($32) I consider this the original matte liquid lipstick and the gold standard.  I’m finishing up the old one and will continue to purchase this product, it’s amazing.


Bikini Wax and Eyebrows ($85 including tip) – what can I say, I’m a hairy beast who needs grooming.  But you know what they say about hairy women…

Nyx Creamy Concealer and Highlighter Powder ($14 down from $22 for both, used Ulta coupon and it was BOGO 50%off).  Felt like a total score.  But I think I bought the wrong concealer and will need to exchange it.

Marc Jacobs Blacquer Set – ($32)  I was in need of a replacement liquid liner.  I already love the MJ Blacquer so it was easy to repurchase, and easier still when I saw this little set.  I mini gel liner, which I also love, and a mascara sample for only $2 more.  Sold.  I’ve used all three already and you can see my comments here.  If it’s still available then get your hands on it!


Vegas Nay 4 Too Faced Stardust Palette – ($45 ) I totally love it so far so very pleased with this purchase.  I have a review video on youtube somewhere.

Vegas_Nay 4 Too Faced Stardust
Vegas_Nay 4 Too Faced Stardust

For a grand total of $287 – EEEEP.  woah.

That’s a lot.  Will need to reign myself in, this feels to me, like a bit much to spend on make-up and skincare in one month.  But isn’t it so much more fun like this.  How did you do the last 2 months.  What do you waste spend your money on the last 2 months?

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

4 thoughts on “July & August Beauty Budget

  1. I dare not calculate what I spend my money on – the last time I tried to calculate my stash it made me awfully ‘light headed’. Yet, I commend you on at least keeping a budget – oh I was late in discovering Mac Giambatista lipsticks and they are all sold out :(. Anyway, lucky you! Eugine looks like a beautiful colour!

    These days I try to think really carefully about why I want the product for and consider so many factors that I usually end up getting things I will actually like. Plus I have a rule that everyday I have to use something new I’ve bought (e.g. lip product). Cool post – how is September going?

    1. oh my goodness, I love that rule about touching/using something new every day. I think I will try to implement something similar. And it really is important to limit what comes in to only what we really love. So far so good in September, all though I did treat myself to a spa day at a fancy resort.

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