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Tatcha Ritual Discovery Set

I purchased the Tatcha Ritual Discovery set recently online.  It includes a cleansing oil, exfoliating rice powder, a moisture cream and a brightening serum.  I also got a cute little welcome gift for making my first purchase with the line so that was pretty cool

Tatcha Ritual Discovery Kit

Do you know the history of Tatcha? The founder had an encounter with a modern-day Geisha and was inspired to start her this skincare line based on the Geisha philosophy that less is more.  I for one live by that mantra when it comes to my skincare routine, so I was excited to try this line.  Lets get on with the reviews.

One Step Camelia Cleansing Oil – This is a great cleansing oil that I find highly effective, the main ingredient is rice oil and it has a very thin and fluid consistency. However, it is highly fragranced and that can be problematic.  I find myself sneezing when I use it so if you are sensitive to fragrances then get a sample first. This is a very generous travel size and I hope to get quite a few uses out of it.

Tatcha Cleansing Oil
Tatcha cleansing Oil
Tatcha One Step Camelia Cleansing Oil

Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder – this I love.  I think the packaging is perfect, I was worried about finding rice powder everywhere, but the top has a small sealing hole that allows you to manage how much product you use.  I tend to mainly use chemical exfoliants (glycolic products) but every once in a while I like to use an manual exfoliant (Olay pro-X brush).  But I think I will continue to use for the near future.  And so far I think I will be buying the full size.

Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder
Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder

Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream – of the four products, this is the one I have used the least.  Honestly, like the others, it is quite fragranced so that has been an issue for me.  My skin does feel supple and soft when I use it with the serum, but it’s just a bit rich for me.  I won’t purchase a full size of this any time soon.

Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream
Tatcha Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream

Radiant Deep Brightening Serum – I have yet to see a major difference with this product but I’m not surprised as serums are cumulative.  This product contains squalane which seems to be popping up in very many serums lately.  Per Wikipeida – squalane is sometimes sourced from the liver of sharks… so I am hoping that this one is more environmentally sourced.  I like it so far so let’s see where it goes, the smell isn’t too cloying.  The jury is still out on this one but I may consider purchasing a full size.

Radiant Deep Brightening Serum
Tatcha Radiant Deep Brightening Serum

These are great products, but I have discovered my holy grail products with glycolic acids.  It’s hard for me to add something new to my well-established rotation.  I think I can rotate the rice powder and the serum into the routine. The absolute high point for me with Tatcha is the packaging. Real solid, heavy. glass packaging.  A bit impractical for traveling, and I already chipped one of the containers, but well thought out and the product inside is well-protected.

How about you, what new skincare items have you tried lately?  Have you tried the Tatcha line, leave a comment below, I would love to know your thoughts on this.



AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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  1. I’ve tried their lipstick but nothing from the skin care line yet. I bought some skin care products for my mother during Mother’s Day. I’ll check with her to see whether she had any issues with their smell. Thanks for the review.

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