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Final Beauty Empties of 2015

Beauty empties

Another 2015 wrap post! What can I say – 2015 was a good year for me. As for beauty… well, I minimized the buying and charged up the using. Can’t believe how many products  I used up last year! Look here, here and here to see previous empties posts.  I’m also tossing out some old products.  I had to weed through my foundations and declutter, and I am going to have to do the same for my lipsticks – a very scary thought.  I focused on mainly going through my samples the last few months as I had so many and I knew most of them were losing their effectiveness (if they had any to begin with) due to age.

So as always, samples, finished products, and tossed products.


Jane Carter Solutions Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner – will definitely repurchase.  Keep our hair (me and mini-me) well moisturized.  Highly recommended.

Reviva Labs Glycolic Acid Facial Toner – a staple in my arsenal.  I couldn’t even tell you how many times I have re-purchased this item.  Will always have this in my skincare arsenal.

Beauty empties - Natura Bisse, Jane Carter Solution, Reviva, Jack Black, Octavius
Beauty empties – Natura Bisse, Jane Carter Solution, Reviva, Jack Black, Octavius

NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake – I love the NYX butter gloss line and have to work my way through quite a few. I want to try the new lingerie line from NYX but first must go through some lippies.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #9 – one of my favourite lipstick formulations ever.  I will always have one of these on hand and a staple in my make-up bag.

beauty empties/YSL lippies/NYX butter gloss/toofaced/better than sex/marc jacobs
YSL Rouge Volupte, NYX Butter Gloss, Too Faced Better than Sex mascara, and Marc Jacobs Lash Volumizing mascara


Milani Lipstick in Berry Rich – I used to love this lipstick, mainly the colour.  To me it’s such a great blue-red.  And very emollient, but lately I want a more matte look and this is too glossy for me right now.  It’s too old to keep putting off for use at a later date so I’m tossing it.

Nars Make-up Cleansing Oil – This was totally usurped by my Tatcha Cleansing Oil.  Could I have finished it? Yes, but I got tired of forcing myself to use a product I didn’t like while the one I loved just sat there.

throwing out MAC limited edition/LE/MAC limited edition
Nars, Milani, Estee Lauder, MAC Aquatic Alluring lipgloss, Kiehls

Pacifica Power of Love Natural Lipstick – from Ipsy.  I used it a couple of times and was starting to like it when it clear broke out of the tube.  Just broke.  ughhh.

MAC Alluring Aquatics Lipgloss in Seducing Sound – I know what you are thinking – who throws away a MAC Limited edition item.  This girl.  Seriously, this has been leaking out of the tube and making a mess for months.  I heard that’s a sign that a lipgloss has gone bad – is that true?  Either way, I can’t carry it as the tube is sticky.  So disappointed because I LOVED THIS SHADE.

Maybelline ColorShow nail polish – I really didn’t like this formula.  It was always see through, no matter how many coats I put on. I loved how vibrant it looks in the bottle, just wish it was more opaque on the nails.

Samples – so many Samples


Octavia Argan Oil – this felt greasy on the hands but absorbed into the skin quite nicely.  Used it on my daughter’s hair.  Won’t purchase a full-size.

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara – I like this, but not enough to buy it and I’m not sure why.  It didn’t wow me as being better than drugstore mascaras.  I feel like it smudged a lot.

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation in Macao – I bought the full size in New Guinea.  Love this foundation – see review here.

Kiehls Super Multi-Corrective Cream – absolutely no recollection of using this.

Queen of the Fill eyebrow gel – this came from Ipsy and it wasn’t a good colour match.  I attempted to use it a few times, and tossed it.  Plus I found it a bit goopy, no matter how careful I was, I always put on too much.

Natura Bisse High Density Lift – Natura Bisse is one of those lines sold at high-end department stores and has a matching high-end price tag.  Honestly, there was nothing in this jar that excited me and I don’t remember if it made any impact on my skin.


Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 –  I liked this.  No thrills moisturizer with sunscreen.  It didn’t break me out nor did it make me ashy –  my 2 minimum requirements for moisturizers with sunscreen.    Not quite enough to make me buy it, definitely on the list of potentials though.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadows – I really like this eyeshadow formula from Estee Lauder and I have some full sizes. You can see that I used these quite a bit, these were part of a GWP.  I need to go pick up the Matte Wild Sable because it was a really good transition colour for me.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipsticks – I forgot how good Estee Lauder lipsticks are.  I enjoyed using this little sample set but I’ve had it for years, so that’s why it’s got to go.

Marc Jacobs Blacquer Omega Lash Volumizing Mascara – I liked this, it was nice and wet.  Not enough to be too gloopy, but enough to leave a solid dark black colour.  Will consider purchasing the full size.

So there, quite a few products to round off the year.  I’m hovering between wanting to go the minimalist make-up route and toss everything; and wanting to binge on new products in 2016.  I’ll have to let my wallet decide for me, I’m working on quite a few other goals this year that will take up my spare change.

How about you, what are some of your goals for 2016?  Let’s make it another great year.


AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

7 thoughts on “Final Beauty Empties of 2015

  1. Your empties posts are the best. Makeup wise I’m going to continue to keep it simple in 2016. Less is better when it comes to my skin. My nails on the other hand are a different story 🙂

    1. Thanks lady! I’m very particular when it comes to skincare, but lipsticks are to me what nail polish is to you! Would love to see your nail polish collection, I’m pretty sure its epic.

  2. First of all, very impressive (final) empties! It’s disappointing that you didn’t like the Nars cleansing oil–and now I’m researching Tatcha! What about it were you not fond of? Also Jack Black–I mean, I know it’s a men’s line but they have some good skincare products. I’ve been using their SPF for years!

    1. I think I’ve always thought of Jack Black as just that, a man’s line, but now with age I’m learning to use whatever works and not focus on the labels but the ingredients. Speaking ingredients, that was main issue with the Nars. It’s main oil is mineral oil, which I find too heavy for use on my face. Left too much of a residue. And it also bothered me that it was $40 for mineral oil – I find that I can find better cleansing oils such as the Tatcha or the Origins, with better ingredients at a similar if not less price point. Hope that helps.

      1. AH-I wondered about that! Thanks for the heads up with Nars. I have heard people respond well to it, but ever since I’ve been practicing OCM I loathe spending more money on things I could DIY for pennies. That’s way too much for a mineral oil blend!

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