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Lipstick Declutter

I’ve been threatening to do a lipstick declutter for so long, that it felt quite anti-climatic when I finally got around to it.  And of course, like all make-up hoarders, I talked myself into keeping much more than I should have.  In the end, I think I identified 16 products that will either be thrown away or given to my 7 year old daughter for her stash.

high end drugstore lipstick declutter makeup
lipstick declutter

Ive divided the products into 3 categories – empties, toss because they are evil and donate. And by donate I mean give to mini-me. I will also identify what has been re-purchased.

Lipstick Declutter – donate pile

The donate piles was the easiest, these are simply the ones that aren’t too old but that I never wear.  Mainly because the colour wasn’t right.  All in all I wear red, pinky nudes, an occasional brown and an occasional vamp.  Light nudes are a nightmare for me and typically get tossed.  Bright pinks and orangey reds are also a non-starter.  Plus my daughter had already started playing with some of these so it made sense to pass them along to her.

city chic milani drugstore lipstick declutter
In my defense I didn’t buy 3 of these

Lipstick Declutter – Toss

The toss pile due to evilness was more challenging who really wants to admit how old their lipsticks are. Like that Mary Kay lipstick, we wore it for a friend’s wedding.  Only now I am pretty sure that we recently helped them celebrate their FIFTH anniversary! Eeep, time to go! I am sure I could have thrown away more, but since some of them were expensive barely used and passed the sniff test, I’ve decided to hang on to them a little longer.  I’m also tossing/but keeping (for BacktoMac purposes) a MAC lipstick.  It’s not mine, I found it in my coat pocket on New Years Day.  Since most of New Years Eve is a drunken blur, this one will be recycled for hygiene reasons.

YSL beauty Chanel Estee Lauder Lipstick declutter
High-end Lipstick Products that are too old!
drugstore makeup lipstick declutter
Revlon, Rimmel and Nyx – all very old

Here is a swatch of the Chanel Gloss that was about 4 years old.  The top one is a fresh swatch that looks just fine right, the bottom one is about 5mins old and as you can see the colour is separating away from the oil in the product.  Can you imagine what a mess it would be if I tried to wear this one??

Chanel Lipgloss declutter
Old Chanel lipgloss that separates after a few minutes

Lipstick declutter – empties!

I am actually quite proud of how many were literally empty.  The Hourglass Icon Liquid Lipstick and YSL Rouge Volupte Shine are both staples and have already been repurchased multiple times.  A simple joy for a lipstick whore is being able to dig into the bottom of the container – i dont know why but it fills me with pride.  Like definitive proof that there is a point to having all these lipsticks in my life.

high-end Lipstick declutter empties
YSL Rouge Volupte, Laura Mercier, Hourglass Liquid Lipstick and Guerlain lipstick declutter

So what’s left in my collection you ask.  Quite frankly I have no idea.  i remember I posted on instagram a few months ago that I thought i had over 60 lipsticks.  I have an old lipstick inventory post and might do an update.  I’m embarrassed to see that I’m only now throwing out some lippies from that old post!  Secretly praying that no products from that inventory will be in the new one… the struggle is real folks.

what about you? how do you manage your make-up stash?  What is that one product that you buy over and over and over until even you get bothered by its presence?  Not that I am bothered by lipsticks, nor glosses, nor lipliners…. I love it all.

Stay blessed and repeat after me – Everything is Always Working Out for Me (ABH).


AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

6 thoughts on “Lipstick Declutter

  1. Nail polish would be what I buy the most but I never get bothered by it. I always say I’m not a minimalist but I am organized. I have a collection of Muji acrylic containers that house all my make up and brushes.

    1. I am trying so hard to stay organized!But I get overwhelmed when the stash becomes too many things that I am not using. That bugs me!

  2. What a stash! You really do love lipsticks…:-) Chap sticks are what I buy the most and I have lots of them laying around the house. I think I’ll start to write the purchase date on them so, I can know which ones to toss when I come upon them.

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