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Louis Vuitton Discontinuing the Monogram Canvas?

This is a chatty video discussing the controversial topic of whether, or not, Louis Vuitton SHOULD discontinue the Monogram Canvas.  The internet and YouTube have been on fire regarding the idea that, in an effort to maintain exclusivity, Louis Vuitton is considering discontinuing its iconic monogram canvas.  There are many Louis Vuitton lovers upset at the idea of Louis Vuitton discontinuing Monogram Canvas. Watch to hear thoughts and ideas on why this may not be such a bad idea. But first, let me be clear, as far as I know, Louis Vuitton is NOT discontinuing the monogram canvas: it’s too iconic, has way too many fans; it’s a great introduction to the brand and makes Louis Vuitton a ton of money.

What is discussed with regards to Louis Vuitton discontinuing the Monogram Canvas?

In a nutshell, has Louis Vuitton monogram canvas become too over-saturated? You can’t swat a fly now without hitting someone carrying a monogram canvas bag!  Bag ladies on the streets of Scottsdale are carrying Louis Vuitton monogram canvas bags for goodness sake!  I totally get why Mr. Arnault (grand poobah of Louis Vuitton Moet & Hennessey) would state the increase in pricing strategy to match Hermes and Chanel in a bid to price out the little aspirational luxury shoppers and not really wealthy shoppers.  Now this is clearly my interpretation of his statements but you get the gist of it, and I am a member of the aspirational class.

Plus, what about all the quality issues now we see being reported with the monogram canvas bags? What do you think of the decline in customer service at Louis Vuitton – are the sales associates are stressed out and overwhelmed by the public’s constant demand? Plus let’s not forget the impact of the re-sale market and the counterfeiters.  I love the irony of how the monogram canvas was created in the 1800’s to combat counterfeits and is now probably the most counterfeited logo in the world. But is Louis Vuitton and their push for world domination at fault here?

Louis Vuitton discontinuing Tivoli PM monogram canvas denim bandeau
My lone monogram canvas bag – Louis Vuitton Tivoli PM

Where do you stand on the idea of Louis Vuitton discontinuing the iconic monogram canvas? I think, in the end, it may all just be a dastardly effort in creating a buzz around the print – God knows there’s nothing more conducive to outrageous shopping behavior as discontinuing a beloved item.

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*PLEASE NOTE – I keep referring to Mr. Arnault as Francois when its actually Bernard.

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AhhhsoNeo loves writing about beauty, fashion and prosperity from the point of view of the every day woman.

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