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New Alexander McQueen Wool Scarf Winter is here! And I hope you have a gorgeous wool scarf to keep you warm:) Just a short video to share the wonderful new Alexander McQueen wool Scarf. I've been collecting the silk Alexander McQueen scarves for years and so wanted to share my overall collection as well.  The

Botswana Part 2 – Food

Food on the plane... we were no where near first class unfortunately. We were on South African Airways.Looks like I may not be able to get my hands on some of the other animal pics that I took in Botswana.  So I decided to put up pics of some of

The thing is… Botswana Part 1

I really wanted to do one of those exciting travel posts about our recent trip to Botswana. But well, the thing is.... this was first and foremost, a business trip, I had so much to do.  Second, both pumpkin and I got a little sick - not a

How To: Saving my Broken Make-up

I've been so unlucky as to crack some of my make-up recently.  But, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I knew I could find instructions to save it. The directions I found on thebeautydepartment  and on michellephan were very detailed and helpful. Both the broken shadows are NYX and as

Travels to San Diego…

The clan recently traveled to San Diego for Memorial Day this year.  My husband is a veteran so I always like to do something special for him.  Our trip was very impromptu, and not very well planned unfortunately, but we still had a lot of fun family time.  This one

A lil bit of Holiday travel in NYC.

Harry WinstonI get to travel quite a bit for work, and recently we were lucky enough to make it to NYC right before the holidays.  Unfortunately, we worked all day, but at night we walked around 5th Avenue so we could snap pics of the window displays.  We made