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                                                              1, my company to the user details of our company all products related information and quality.

                                                              2, to provide users with products and technical seminars, including the use and maintenance of products, technology characteristics using assembly, products, all the user needs to provide service, our factory will send technicians the best customer service and technical seminars

                                                              3, our company set up service hotline for the user to answer a variety of questions and problems related to the product.

                                                              1, to my company to buy the main users to fill out the user service tracking card.

                                                              2, where the development of new users, in a week after the arrival of the market sales department to call the customer, ask the goods to the acceptance of the situation, including whether the quality of the products can meet the needs of customers, other requirements and customer packaging, transportation.

                                                              3, where the new development of new products, require the arrival of goods to the user to introduce products, and to assist the user to install, introduce the use of methods and technical requirements.

                                                              4, the focus of the user to send a service on a quarterly visit to two times, for advice, to solve the problem raised by the user.

                                                              1, the user use my company product quality problems, received customer complaints within 24 hours to reply, service personnel to the customer needs to solve the problem in time.

                                                              2, if the quality of products, the company responsible for the refund, replacement and package repair, until the customer satisfaction.

                                                              3, our company will provide online service system, if the product has any including quality, use, and other related issues, you can also through online message feedback or directly in the form of E-MAIL is put forward; we will in the shortest time with the fastest speed to give you a satisfactory answer.

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