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                                                                     Tai'an Renhe Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Taishan, West foot of Feicheng City, east of Beijing Fuzhou Expressway, south of the Thai fertilizer on a highway, convenient transportation, unique geographical location.

                                                                     I plant in Shandong province is the production of building materials machinery of professional manufacturers, has 30 years of experience in design and production, the production of various types of overhang roll tube machine (diameter 200-2400mm) and supporting enterprises, flat mouth, soft mouth mold feeding machine and other building materials equipment etc.. Our products are exported to more than and 10 countries.

                                                                     Our factory is willing to work with the vast number of users, and constantly open up and work together to create first-class machinery as its mission to first-class service for the purpose, to create first-class brand. Welcome to Tai'an and construction equipment factory.

                                                              Corporate culture

                                                                      Enterprise spirit: unity, dedication, hard work, innovation.

                                                                      Talent concept: the company needs is the identification with company culture, honesty and self-discipline, with the ability to work, professional ability, cooperation spirit and learning staff.

                                                                      Business philosophy: Science and technology, honest trust

                                                                      Management idea: create, share, share, win

                                                                     ● Service concept: customer expectations is not only the quality of the product, customers also look forward to, when problems arise, the company can help solve the fastest speed.

                                                                     ● Enterprise style: meticulous action

                                                                      Work attitude: unity and cooperation, hard unremittingly, working energetically

                                                                      Service goal: strive to do better than customer expectations.

                                                              Tai’an City renhe machinery manufacturing co. LTD.

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