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                                                              Maintenance of cement pipe making machine during break-in period

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                                                              cement pipe making machine

                                                                      Maintenance of cement pipe making machine during break-in period.All mechanical equipment has a break-in period when it is first used. If it is not used properly during the running-in period, various problems will occur in the later normal production, which will greatly affect the work efficiency. Tai'an Renhe Manufacturing Machinery Factory would like to tell you what problems should be noticed during the running-in period of the new cement pipe making machine:

                                                                       1. Choose the right lubricant. According to different models and different motor power, select the appropriate lubricant, which not only reduces the problem of lubricant waste, but also extends the life of the machine. If oil is found to be missing, add it in a timely manner to prevent burning of mechanical equipment. When the speed reducer with vertical oil pump is connected to the power supply, pay attention to the rotation direction of the oil pump, and turn it clockwise to be correct.

                                                                       2. At the end of the running-in period, the machine must be comprehensively maintained, so that the iron can be hit while the heat is on, and all problems found during the running-in period can be corrected, and a perfect machine will be presented in future work to improve work efficiency.

                                                                       If what I shared today can help you a little, Xiaobian will be very happy!

                                                              Maintenance of cement pipe making machine during break-in period
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