AhhhSoNeo on Instagram and YouTube

hi Blogger Fam! Don't forget that Ahhhsoneo is on Instagram, YouTube and, of course this Amazing blog. I am trying to get back in the habit of writing regularly, but job has decided to become super-busy.  Blogging, youtubing, side-hustling are all on the back burner for a quick minute while I exhale

New Alexander McQueen Wool Scarf

https://youtu.be/s5B5hIwc28k Winter is here! And I hope you have a gorgeous wool scarf to keep you warm:) Just a short video to share the wonderful new Alexander McQueen wool Scarf. I've been collecting the silk Alexander McQueen scarves for years and so wanted to share my overall collection as well.  The

Top Five High End Luxury Lipsticks for Fall

You know, sometimes a girl just needs to treat herself to a high-end luxury lipstick. And with the switch over to Fall weather essentials, I have come up with a list of the Top Five High-end Luxury Lipsticks for the Fall. I don't know about you, but premium designer items are

Do You StitchFix?

  Oh StitchFix... such high hopes.  Do you guys love it? Does Stitchfix work for you?  Do you Stitchfix? I have so many questions about StitchFix because my experience so far... has been questionable.  I've been wanting to use the personal stylist service otherwise known as StitchFix for some time now,

Five Ways to Wear a Bandeau and Louis Vuitton Bandeau Collection collab with DreLuxTV

So excited to announce my very first collab/collaboration video with the amazing DreLUxTV on YouTube: Five Ways to Wear a Bandeau and Louis Vuitton LV Bandeau Collection collab with the fabulous DreLuxTV. Take a look first at my Louis Vuitton Bandeau collection then on to the five (5) ways that