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New Alexander McQueen Wool Scarf Winter is here! And I hope you have a gorgeous wool scarf to keep you warm:) Just a short video to share the wonderful new Alexander McQueen wool Scarf. I've been collecting the silk Alexander McQueen scarves for years and so wanted to share my overall collection as well.  The

5 Luxury Items I Can Never Be Without

I just love doing these tag videos on youTube.  Next is my "5 Luxury Items I Can Never Be Without" tag. With the exception of the purses, I chose items that I already own multiples of, making sure that I will never be without those items.  And as for the purses,

Monthly Favourites – November

I didn't have a much that really stood out to me this past month, but what did blow my mind definitely deserved a favourites post.  I don't write this type of post often as I tend to use the same items month after month, but I had a few new