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Botswana Part 2 – Food

Food on the plane... we were no where near first class unfortunately. We were on South African Airways.Looks like I may not be able to get my hands on some of the other animal pics that I took in Botswana.  So I decided to put up pics of some of

The thing is… Botswana Part 1

I really wanted to do one of those exciting travel posts about our recent trip to Botswana. But well, the thing is.... this was first and foremost, a business trip, I had so much to do.  Second, both pumpkin and I got a little sick - not a

FACES Of The Week while Traveling

Sometimes I forget how HOT and extremely DUSTY it is in Botswana.    I'm a serial over-packer and traveled with way too much make-up; then I was too hot and dusty to use it.  This is what I ended up wearing, on the few days that I did wear make-up.  Which


Pumpkin and I survived our 24+ hour trip to Botswana.  We are exhausted and happy to be here.  Posts will be rare while we catch up with family and friends:)