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Are Luxury Shoes Worth It?

are luxury shoes worth the money

Come on over and watch my clip on what happens to Luxury Shoes - are luxury shoes worth it video! yes I know, I could always take better care of my shoes (and all my belongings in general) but I guess I don't have much of an attachment to things.

Luxury Shoe Haul

I like hot shoes as much as the next girl, but i don't buy on a luxury shoe haul. I find that luxury shoes can be quite an investment and since I'm very hard on my shoes I find it best to shop for shoes at Macy's. But once in

5 Luxury Items I Can Never Be Without

I just love doing these tag videos on youTube.  Next is my "5 Luxury Items I Can Never Be Without" tag. With the exception of the purses, I chose items that I already own multiples of, making sure that I will never be without those items.  And as for the purses,

Happy 4th of July

Sometimes I can't believe that I have lived in America for close to 17 years.  As much as I love my country Botswana, I have to admit to enjoying my life and family in America. So Happy Independence Day to my adopted country. Thank you! Christian Louboutin Geo Spike   Christian Louboutin Striped Spike   Christian Louboutin