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New Alexander McQueen Wool Scarf Winter is here! And I hope you have a gorgeous wool scarf to keep you warm:) Just a short video to share the wonderful new Alexander McQueen wool Scarf. I've been collecting the silk Alexander McQueen scarves for years and so wanted to share my overall collection as well.  The

LouisVuitton Vachetta Leather Patina

I have some pretty old Louis Vuitton bags and thought some of you might like to see a video on how the Louis Vuitton Vachetta leather patina (ages) over time. I personally love the patina on a well loved piece.  Sure it's wear and tear, but at least that means

OOTN – Dinner with the girls.

I've recently been lucky enough to go out for dinner with girlfriends two weekends in a row - that's pretty rare.  I wore the same jacket both times, I like it that much.  I have yet to purchase my leather moto jacket that I've been lusting after so this is

Time for a Closet Make Over – Please HELP!

So....once again my closet has taken on a life of its own.  I really try to keep a handle on it, but between the boxes; the clothes I wear and those for donation; the shoes strewn on the floor; and the general limited space... I think I'm screwed.  I clear