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Foundation Declutter

Oh, this post just makes me feel like I'm throwing away money with this foundation declutter.  Lots of money.  I will usually try quite a few foundation samples at Sephora, but I don't buy everything I try.  A couple of years ago (hang head in shame due to how long

Foundation Sample Smorgasboard #2

I had the opportunity to pick up new foundation samples recently.  I'm not really in the market for foundation as I have quite a few I'm trying to work my way through, but if something amazing comes along, I could be easily swayed. For reference, I've been matched to NW43

Dior New Nude Foundation

Wow, it's love.  I have fallen in love with the Dior New Nude Foundation! Not to sound vain or anything, but I look fabulous with this foundation on.  Kudos to the theluxebabe on YouTube.  I love her channel, she's one classy lady and her skin is amazing.  She

Late to the party! Best of 2012

OK, I know I am a "lil" late to the "best of 2012" party, but come on - it's still January!  I wanted to join in the fun regardless... I think last year I had a great mix of high-end and drugstore brands... so, without further ado Dior Nude Teint

Inventory – Foundation

Just wanted to say thanks to Liz for the great inspiration regarding inventory posts.Today we have another inventory post.  So far I have inventoried my eye-shadows, blushes and mascaras, but this next category is one of my all time faves. Foundation - I love foundation!  I may not use it

Recent Beauty Shopping!

Let me be clear, the following items were purchased over a period  of time. Some have seen usage, and others will be ripped open only when I finish other similar items in my stash.  I'm TRYING to follow some sort of one-in-one-out rule, mainly with regards to skincare.  Not so