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Massive Summer Empties Post – 2016

Oh the joys of trying to work through products and failing miserably. On the good side, I have barely bought anything recently so I feel pretty good about that.  I did manage to go through quite a few products in the last few months.  See my last empties post here

September Empties post

*Items purchased with my own funds and reviews are my honest, unfunded opinion.  No affiliate links used. I know the title says September, but this is really more like July-August-Septempter empties.  I wanted to write about the products that I used up recently.  I made a video on how-to-use up your

Massive Spring Empties Post

I've been sitting on some of these items for quite some time.  Not only have I finished some products, but some are just unused/unloved or super-duper old and needed to be tossed.  I had no idea I had this much sitting around waiting for me.  And after I took all

October & November Empties

I was going to wait until December to do a big end-of-year empties post, but when the I saw the empties bag becoming quite full I thought it was time to trash the contents.  Plus one of the items was making my hubby and daughter have bad reactions, so I