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Final Beauty Empties of 2015

Another 2015 wrap post! What can I say - 2015 was a good year for me. As for beauty... well, I minimized the buying and charged up the using. Can't believe how many products  I used up last year! Look here, here and here to see previous empties posts.  I'm

Inventory Update – Blushes and HighLighters

My blush collection hasn't changed all that much.  It's jumped up to a total of 9 from 5.  I guess that's almost 100% increase.  I figured since my blush colleciton, of all things, is my most viewed post I should post a little update.  Pic heavy, but no reviews since

Inventory – Lippies

A few months ago, I told a co-worker that I had close to 18-ish lip products.  The look on her face made it clear I was not to repeat that number to any other co-workers.  Fast forward a few months, and said co-worker is in my bedroom and sees my

Inventory – Foundation

Just wanted to say thanks to Liz for the great inspiration regarding inventory posts.Today we have another inventory post.  So far I have inventoried my eye-shadows, blushes and mascaras, but this next category is one of my all time faves. Foundation - I love foundation!  I may not use it

Inventory – Blushes & Highlighters

It's official, thanks to Liz of beautyreductionista, I have become a blush whore! Well, my scaled down version of blush-whore.I did my first inventory post to keep track of what I had so as to stop me to from buying dupes, and this is a continuation of that goal. 

Inventory – Eyeshadow Palettes

I like to think that I do not have much make-up.  I have taken to watching make-up tutorials on, and those folks are pure make-up hoarders and I am simply a user of.  The beauty bloggers and "gurus" are the worst offenders!  Who needs or uses all that make-up?