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Lipstick Declutter

I've been threatening to do a lipstick declutter for so long, that it felt quite anti-climatic when I finally got around to it.  And of course, like all make-up hoarders, I talked myself into keeping much more than I should have.  In the end, I think I identified 16 products

FACES Of The Week while Traveling

Sometimes I forget how HOT and extremely DUSTY it is in Botswana.    I'm a serial over-packer and traveled with way too much make-up; then I was too hot and dusty to use it.  This is what I ended up wearing, on the few days that I did wear make-up.  Which

Inventory – Lippies

A few months ago, I told a co-worker that I had close to 18-ish lip products.  The look on her face made it clear I was not to repeat that number to any other co-workers.  Fast forward a few months, and said co-worker is in my bedroom and sees my