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June Beauty Budget – How did I do?

I think, for the sake of my wallet, I need to return to posting my monthly beauty budget. Things have been getting somewhat hairy lately with the beauty purchases. I've been  making many impulse purchases during this Last month and these are typically my downfall. So read on to see

Massive Summer Empties Post – 2016

Oh the joys of trying to work through products and failing miserably. On the good side, I have barely bought anything recently so I feel pretty good about that.  I did manage to go through quite a few products in the last few months.  See my last empties post here

October Empties

      I went at it hard this last month.  My declutter/use-it-up/toss it streak has continued. I was so sad to see 3 foundations expire and need to be tossed.  I have one more that will need to be tossed soon so watch this space. 2336

June’s Beauty Budget

I think spent a bit more than anticipated last month, but all in all, a good beauty month budget wise. I know I need to start off with a set budget at the beginning of the month, but I'm low on the impulse control scale. I was going to start

May-June ’14 Beauty Product Empties

Forgive me, I'm a bit late with the Empties post this time around.  Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging you know.  Not much happening in the empties post this time around. Although you can tell that I made a concerted effort to start digging through my samples.Beauty Empties 

Budgeting for Beauty Part Trois – how to save your pennies.

So, lately I've been bingeing on makeup. Honestly, nobody needs this much make-up, and it's starting to feel a little wasteful.  But sometimes it's so hard to walk away from products when I feel like I'm getting a "deal".  I am ashamed to admit that sometimes I don't even realize