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Louis Vuitton Vachetta Repair

I recently took in my Louis Vuitton speedy 25 for a vachetta repair service.  I have taken in this particular bag for a louis Vuitton vachetta repair before, on the piping that edges the bag.  But this time, I knew I needed the handles completely swapped out.  The bag is

10 tips for Surviving Ban Island

If you are active in the luxury spending, Louis Vuitton shopping world, then you are definitely going to want to watch the 10 tips for surviving Ban Island. This is my latest collab with DreLuxTV. Here DreLuxTV and I share our 10 tips on surviving ban island. And you if you

Signs of Louis Vuitton Makeup Addiction

Sign of Louis Vuitton and Makeup Addiction Hope you get to watch my latest video, a satire/parody on signs of Louis Vuitton and makeup addiction, focusing on luxury retail spending, makeup and handbags obsession. It is meant for fun, but also to be informative.  seriously, if you are remotely concerned that

Louis Vuitton Discontinuing the Monogram Canvas?

This is a chatty video discussing the controversial topic of whether, or not, Louis Vuitton SHOULD discontinue the Monogram Canvas.  The internet and YouTube have been on fire regarding the idea that, in an effort to maintain exclusivity, Louis Vuitton is considering discontinuing its iconic monogram canvas.  There are many