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New Video – August Bag of the Month

When you have 20+ handbags but only use two regularly, then you really need to use the Bag of the Month tag to inspire you to rotate them out. See my latest below, and I'm also sharing the August video from the originator of the tag. Enjoy. These are trivial

5 Luxury Items I Can Never Be Without

I just love doing these tag videos on youTube.  Next is my "5 Luxury Items I Can Never Be Without" tag. With the exception of the purses, I chose items that I already own multiples of, making sure that I will never be without those items.  And as for the purses,

Falling Back in Lust with Louis Vuitton

Besides their SLGs, there hasn't been much at Louis Vuitton that has recently excite; me.  Well, especially in my price range.  I would really like a Capucines bag, that leather is so luxurious, but I'm not in the market for a $5k purse. To be honest, I actually got turned off