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June’s Beauty Budget

I think spent a bit more than anticipated last month, but all in all, a good beauty month budget wise. I know I need to start off with a set budget at the beginning of the month, but I'm low on the impulse control scale. I was going to start

Monthly Beauty Favorites – Jun ’14

*All products purchased with my own money. Just a quick post about all my recent  favourites. It's a shortlist, the rest is stuff that I use and post all the time so I thought to not bore you.  All of these products are highly recommended.June Monthly Beauty FavouritesLa

Finally, a CCO in Arizona

Ok, I know it's been open for roughly 4 months, but Arizona finally has it's own CCO store!  I don't know how many trips I have organized around visits to CCO stores around the country, and to know that one has finally opened up here, well... that makes me extremely