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Instagram #designerluxurychallege

I had the pleasure of participating in the #designerluxurychallenge on instagram.  I was tagged by the lovely @kaliluxe and totally enjoyed posting all my pics.  This was my first time getting tagged to do anything on IG, so can you tell that I took it seriously. LOL, I tried to

Chanel Purse Collection – Mine

*all items purchased with my own money. Besides make-up - I like to spend my money on purses! Sometimes shoes, but mainly purses. Here's  a little peek at my Chanel collection:) I'm posting this in response to Nadege's collection post.  I harassed left many comments on her blog for her

Lovin My Bags Vachetta Cleanser Conditioner

The Vuitton Speedy 25 in Damier Azur is one of my favourite handbags and I decided to clean it up using the Loving My Bags Vachetta Cleanser and Conditioner.  I have used this bag almost everyday for close to 6 or 7 years, and unfortunately, it is starting to show

What’s on my Passenger Seat

My lil pumpkin usually sits in the backseat, so when I run around doing errands my purse-of-the-week and other items, are usually on the passenger seat next to me.  It's a little weird because if I was in my country, I would have stuffed the purse under neath the seat