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Today is National Lipstick Day

But really, isn't every day a lipstick day?  I truly don't understand women who don't wear lipstick/lipgloss.  A little splash of colour to brighten up your face never hurt anyone. However, as much as I love and hoard my lippies, current inventory says I'm in the 60+ range (true number unknown

Top 13 products of 2013

So excited to have hit 2014... so far, so good.But I wanted to send off 2013 with a line-up of all the products I reached for consistently during the last year.  These are my overall  favourites, rather than just products that came out during 2013. I haven't included skincare is

FACES Of The Week while Traveling

Sometimes I forget how HOT and extremely DUSTY it is in Botswana.    I'm a serial over-packer and traveled with way too much make-up; then I was too hot and dusty to use it.  This is what I ended up wearing, on the few days that I did wear make-up.  Which

Budgeting for Beauty Part Trois – how to save your pennies.

So, lately I've been bingeing on makeup. Honestly, nobody needs this much make-up, and it's starting to feel a little wasteful.  But sometimes it's so hard to walk away from products when I feel like I'm getting a "deal".  I am ashamed to admit that sometimes I don't even realize