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Recent Beauty Purchases

*all items purchased with my own money I think I've been really good with the beauty purchases for the last few months.  But like all junkies, I slipped here and there.  Nothing too wallet-breaking, mainly staples that I needed.Say Yes to Carrots and Blueberries, Caudalie Divine Oil, Guerlain Rouge G,

April through June Empties Post

I like to post these Empties post in an effort to provide brief reviews of products I finish.  Hopefully, these can help someone decide on what products to purchase and/or stay away from.  It's always good to do your research, but bear in mind that this is just one person's

Recent Beauty Purchases

Ever since I stopped all frivolous shopping for Lent, I've been at somewhat of a loss for what to post.  Totally sad commentary on the state of my life.  This is just going to be a brief look at my panicked beauty shopping before the ban.  I've had a chance