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Favorite Small YouTubers Tag

hi guys, please, take a few minutes and watch my "small youtubers tag" video!  The support on YouTube in light of the changes to the demonitization program has been so wonderful, and one of the ways we are spreading the love is by doing the small youtubers tag. Since the

New Video – August Bag of the Month

When you have 20+ handbags but only use two regularly, then you really need to use the Bag of the Month tag to inspire you to rotate them out. See my latest below, and I'm also sharing the August video from the originator of the tag. Enjoy. These are trivial

One Wallet Tag on YouTube

Hello! New video up with the One Wallet Tag, the one wallet I love more than the others. Check it out and let me know in the comments below what wallet you would grab during the apocalypse. Thanks for stopping by!